4.0 Solutions for industrial applications.
InfinityID offers simple and intuitive solutions to
monitor the various stages of your production chain.

Innovative method
for companies

InfinityID applications optimize your company's processes.
With our help you will transform your business into a business 4.0,
to be competitive in the market of the future.


The idea of industry 4.0 implies the digital transformation of the
production processes. Thanks to the MES applications of InfinityID
you will monitor the production process in real time, from the raw
material to the finished product.

Zero chance
of error

Thanks to RFID technology of InfinityID detections are carried
out automatically and with zero impact on operations,
eliminating any possibility of human error.

Less paper,
more digital

How much time is lost in the management of paper documents
accompanying each handling in the company? With the InfinityID's
WIP solutions you will improve the internal efficiency
by eliminating pen and paper.

Case History



6 months



3 months

"Thanks to the intervention of InfinityID we are able to track the production progress, reducing errors, increasing control and improving daily operations."

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