Automatic identification logistics solutions.
InfinityID speeds up counting operations in every phase
and movement, reducing the possibility of errors.

In and Out

Imagine a system that automatically counts what enters and exits your
logistics quays. You will be able to have everything under control and save time,
passing information directly to the management systems.

Cost saving
in stock

Thanks to the introduction of the InfinityID technology that
allows you to optimize every process within your space,
you can save time and precious resources.


As children we used to play finding something hidden,
thanks to RFID technology and the functionality of Item Locator
you will be able to find the product you are looking for among a
thousand other, saving resources and time.

Real time

Thanks to RFID technology every movement within your warehouse
will be tracked, ensuring the exact location of each item.

Case History



6 months



6 months

"Thanks to the InfinityID Item Locator solution, we have been able to reduce the search times for an item inside a 25,000 m2 warehouse."

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